Friday, May 30, 2014

Miss MJ's Bedroom Reveal

To finish decorating MJ's room we added Moroccan style mirrors on both sides of the bed. This was one of my favorite finds. I first fell in love with these mirrors on a visit to Pottery Barn Kids. However, they were a bit more than the budget allowed at $159.00 a piece. A few days later I was shopping at Gordman's in Farmington Station and found these look a like mirrors for $19.99 a piece. That's almost $280.00 savings....score!!

Originally I wanted to hang the Moroccan mirrors just slightly above the bedside tables, but my client liked the idea of hanging them higher up to mimic windows in the room. I do like that from their reflections you can see the butterflies around the room. I also added a pink and white butterfly mobile from Pottery Barn Kids to balance out the butterfly theme in the room.

For another side table, I purchased this gem from World Market and added a cute mason jar vase, filled with flowers from Michaels.

Next, to brighten up the flooring,  I found this gorgeous Moroccan patterned rug that mimicked the mirrors, at Home Goods. I was having a difficult time fitting the price of a rug into the budget and couldn't pass this baby up for under $60 dollars.


My client found this darling chandelier, that Miss MJ fell in love with, at Lowes. I think it fits in perfectly.

This side of the room is complete!! Just a reminder of what it looked like before....

My client painted the desk grey and then had art work from MJ's old room that we hung above the desk. We also added a few of her favorite photos, a pink piggy bank and velvet pink desk chair. With so much going on around the room, we wanted to keep this space simple and sweet.

With a few added accessories to the dresser, the room is complete. 

Here are the before pictures....

And here are the after...

Check out Miss MJ's reaction, it's priceless, and by far my most favorite part of this whole process. She also added a sign on her door for the finishing touch.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Miss MJ's Butterfly Wall

MJ has a lively personality, that is all girl. I knew that I needed to come up with something outside the box for the blank bedroom wall that her dresser and mirror were positioned against. There are lots of techniques I could use to turn this spot into something special.  As I said in my earlier post, she loves butterflies, and this Etsy picture caught my eye.
I could have ordered the paper 3D butterflies from Etsy, but because I have a silhouette cutting machine, I was able to choose the exact colors I needed, and cut them out of card stock in varying sizes. 

I first started to apply the butterflies with glue dots in a circular pattern.  There wasn't an exact  pattern that I followed, because I wanted to add dimension and bring a bit of whimsy to the room.


After I played around with the circle shape, I started to trail them off in different directions to cover the wall.

I purposely led the trail of butterflies over the mirror. This made the basic white mirror that many bedroom set come with, come to life with a 3D effect. It also made the mirror feel special and integrated into the design of MJ's room.
 My purpose for starting the butterflies in a circular pattern and then trailing them to each corner, was to draw your eye to across the whole wall, and make the space feel larger.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I'll be revealing MJ's finished bedroom.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miss MJ's room

I started the design process on Miss MJ's room with my post yesterday. I left off with my inspiration photo of paper 3D butterflies and my client's favorite accents colors she wanted to implement in Miss MJ's room.

I choose the wall MJ's bed was positioned against as my starting point. I had a frame built, slightly larger than the headboard, out of molding and painted white to give the wall a focal point. Of course we had to add the pink "M" at the top, made in this post. I love that the headboard fits snug inside the molding and grounds the space.

Adding layers to MJ's bedding allowed us to bring in the accent colors she loves, and add a little pizazz to the grey duvet cover.

I went with a white and pink polka dot sheet set,
A floral quilted sham with a matching quilt for the end of the bed,  

darling yellow flower pillows and a accent green and white love pillow. All purchased at Marshalls & Home Goods.

Check out the before...
and after...
Can you believe it??  It looks like a completely different duvet cover with the addition of some layers.  YAY!!
Visit the blog tomorrow as we continue to finish MJ's room.