Interior styling & design


Consultation $50/hour

This service will start with a visit to the client’s home for an onsite evaluation of the space.  We will discuss the goals and ideas for the space, talk about the client’s likes and dislikes in design, take measurements/photos and discuss the client’s budget.
*If the Full Service Design option is chosen the first initial room consultation will be given a credit for up to 1 hour, $50 for every extra hour of consultation, and for any other room consultation.

1) Full Service Design (min of 6hrs billed)

Phase One:
Schematic DESIGN: $50/hour
This is where I will establish a plan of action for the space.  I will do the research in order to get the idea of the room created, and will create a presentation including examples of the graphics, samples and specifications.

Phase Two:
This phase includes the presentation of the plan of the space to the client.  It will also include all of the preparation for the final design phase and going to work in the market.

Phase Three:
This is where I will go to work in the space and complete the space design and set up.  This is by far my favorite part in the design process.

2) Email Design Proposals: $150 flat rate
This is a great option for those who would like an alternative to the the full service design or for those outside of my area.  We will correspond via email and phone for the consults and I will create a design plan of action for you to tackle on your own.  This will include specifics: color scheme, furniture arrangement, links to retailers and even the tiny details in implementing the design.  If you would like to hire me back to complete the design after everything has been purchased it will be my hourly rate.  This is the most popular and cost effective option with WEST CREEK DESIGN.

3) Room Staging:  *$350 proposal fee /$50/hour
This is where I stage model homes and homes for sale.  As a designer I recognize the importance of this to get offers on a home.  “Designed to Sell” is a favorite of mine. *I will email you a staging/design proposal for a $350 fee.  If you would like me to help you re-create the space/s or do it for you the service charge will be $50 an hour.

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